November 5, 2017

How does it work?

Think of it as a fitness monitor – on steroids!

In Short:

Everything, including the human body is made up of atoms. Every atom is held together by electrical charge, which is an energy wave measured by its frequency. Homeopathy is based on the principal. Using computer technology we measure the status of 10s of thousands of energetic frequencies throughout the body for imbalances. These imbalances are caused by 4 main factors; nutritional imbalances, emotions, environmental factors and genetics (miasms). Imbalances are recorded for our information, and balancing frequencies are passed through the body to help stabilize these imbalances. We are able to use the reports to determine if nutritional, environmental and emotional modifications are beneficial.

Does this seem unorthodox? Physics has proven the validity of the knowledge gained from studying nutrition, hormones, chemicals, acupuncture/acupressure, Reike, chakras, massage, chiropractic, muscle testing, NAET-emotional correlations, Rife frequencies, etc. Because, the empirical values from these centuries old modalities have been recorded throughout time and databased. In fact the QEST system has over 24 different modalities that it monitors. Using this computer technology, we are now able to scan the body to get accurate readings of energetic imbalances. Surpassing bloodwork, muscle testing, bio-feedback and many others it can reveal where you are imbalanced and by how much. This has been widely used in European countries but, of course, not in the U.S.

Oh, by the way, this works for animals too.

What Electro-Dermal technology IS NOT.

It does not prescribe nor alter medications. It does not diagnose, treat or cure and, is not a substitute for a Doctor. Based on information it may seem wise to the client to choose to seek further medical attention from a licensed Physician.

This is not biofeedback. We do not train a person to take conscious control over body functions that are supposed to happen automatically in the background. If someone has an involuntary function so out of control that they need to “will it” back into its proper state then there is a problem. LORD knows, we have enough on our minds now, we don’t need to heap the pile higher with having to occupy our concious minds with thoughts of forcing our blood pressure to behave. If you give the body the CORRECT inputs it strengthens the body’s systems – including the conscious thoughts, and lets the body do it’s own involuntary functions as it was created to do in the first place.

The technology only identifies energetic imbalances and introduces balancing frequencies. Dont be surprised though, if your body is able to restore itself, back to homeostasis, as it was designed to do, once the needed resources are identified.


Check out this video to get a better understanding.