November 5, 2017

What is a PMA

Q: What is a Private Member Association (PMA)? Why do I need a membership?

Like many well known organizations we operate as a Private Member Association.

You or someone close to you is probably a member of a PMA already. If you pay membership dues to an organization it is most likely structured as a PMA. Organizations such as AAA (Triple A), Boy Scouts of America, legal/Bar associations (also drinkinng clubs), homeowners associations, the AMA (American Medical Association), social and professional fraternal organizations & their auxiliaries and countless others.

This type of organization gives it’s members an exceptional level of confidentiality by moving from the public domain to the private domain.

We all know privacy is being eroded more and more each passing day by onerous government regulations driven by corporate special interests and lobbyists. In the PMA we can speak freely on all subjects, make our own informed decisions and employ the modalities we want to use to pursue our own well being without fear of reprisal from hostile outside interests.

Do you have a need for privacy in your organization? For more info on PMAs visit our friends by clicking this link.